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After dominating the most demanding market, NoLossTrade is now stepping into the global Online forum! Our Skills truly echoes what we hold as standard for our commitment to our clients. The credibility speaks for the quality of the service. Steady and stable operation is the secret for the long run.

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Our Investment Packages range between $30 to Unlimited & trending takes place on your account and you completely control the process & their is an opportunity to follow several traders, thereby minimising the risk & also a flexible payment scheme (including payments covered by the company) & also is compatible with the affiliate program that gives a double benefit if you bring Followers

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Why choose No Loss Trades?

We offer one-click investing experience with world-renowned markets.

Globally Registered

NO LOSS TRADE is headquartered on the United Kingdom, South Africa, Tanzania, United States of America and is going to be registered in Kenya, Canada, New Zealand & Zimbabwe

Best Trading

Access 40,000+ trading instruments and professional asset management on award-winning platforms.

Customer Support

Our Priority is to take care of our customers so we strive to deliver the best to our customers so their satisfaction level is utmost thing for us as we provide customer service in different languages

Secured Website

In order to deliver a high availability service, we employ sophisticated DDoS prevention and high-performance servers. With strong encryption technology we also host our data in the cloud services provided by third parties.


With NoLossTrade, withdrawals are processed instantly, and the investor crypto wallet payments are made. All payouts are handled automatically & manually We employ server solutions that are both speedy and fault-tolerant.


Invest in the world's most popular assets from established industries to booming new age up-and-comers — pick from over a dozen of different routes to a smart investment.

We Are the Best!

Our Mission

We are offering an advanced and more profitable business platform that will ensure maximum potential returns to our investors & we want to be one stop investment destination for every investor, coz with this we will bring wealth & fortune for every person who is and wants to be a part of this new digital money revolution

Our Vision

We want to provide our investors with an unique investment strategy that helps them in attaining profits at a staggering rate of 99.4% at no risk so we aim to become the best and we will fully explore the potential of money markets

Core values

We are committed to deliver the best to our investors,our partners, our affiliates, and everyone working with us We work on the fundamental premises of putting our customer support at first. Our investors are at the core of all we do, which is why we place a big value on their satisfaction

ROADMAP For 2022-2023


Booked our Domain
Started Designing & Developing our UI
Registered Our Company in UK & SA


Public Release of our Website
Pre-Launch Sales Promotion Begins
We will register the company in Zimbabwe


1st Month Celebrations with Top Achievers
We will register the company in USA.


Provide Insurance policies to all Investors
launch of our Artificial Intelligence to Enhance profits.


We will Launch our own NFT’s on Metaverse
We will launch our own NFT platform.


We will Register our Company in UAE/Canada or New Zealand
we will complete our 6 months of business successfully.


We will announce our Half Year Accounting Audit
We will open Public Funding for Equity.


We will Extend our presence in Asian, European & Middle East
We will introduce our AI BOTS to Enhance Daily Returns (Forex).


We will introduce our AI BOTS to Enhance Daily Returns (Crypto)
We will introduce our Online Training sessions to Learn Crypto Markets.


Successful completion of 9 months of Business online
We will invest in Aeronautical Space to enhance the Profits.


We will hold a Press Release with our CEO to attain more transparency on the business
NLT ICO will be Released.


we will release our Mobile Application for easy use
we will launch our NLT Coin


We will complete our one Year of Business online
We will hold a Grand Event for all the achievers in UK
we will announce our One Year Financial Audit.

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Access 40,000+ trading instruments and professional asset management on award-winning platforms.

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